Tandem Photography

What’s better than freefalling at 120 mph? Watching your first skydiving experience with your friends and family in HD! Your professional videographer will fly with you on your skydive and record your entire experience.

DVD Package:  You will recieve a  professionally edited DVD set to music capturing a pre-flight interview, the excitig ride to altitude, an interview halfway to jump altitude, the exit out of the plane and the entire freefall along with your parachute landing.

Digital Photo Package: Truly capture an unforgetable moment in time with a high quality still photo. Your videographer will capture between 25-75  high-resolution digital still photos. All of our photographers use professional Canon Digital EOS Rebel cameras that achieve at least 8.2 megapixel quality.

Combo Package: Get both HD video and high quality digital stills, the ultimate package!

Order you videos and photos today!

DVD Freefall video only: $95.00
Freefall Digital still photos only: $95.00
DVD freefall video and Digital stills: $145.00